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Lady ZiZi
A hometown girl ZiZI has been performing and running karaoke shows in and around Portland for over a decade. She has a large and loyal following that join her weekly as much for her karaoke prowess as to her ZIZI herself sing. She can rock out Carrie Underwood just as smooth as a Whitney Houston number.
Gregory's combines his deep understanding of technology with a vast knowledge of audio/video then tops it off with a long history as a KDj. His sunny personality and infectious smile provide the perfect encouragement singers need.
But don't be fooled by his "happy behind the scenes' attitude. When Gregory sings he will leave you speechless. His powerful voice will be booming from the rafters one minute and gently wrapping around your heart the next.
About Karoke PDX
Ellie and ZiZi have been working together in the Portland Metro area for over a decade bringing music and fun to the Portland Metro Karaoke Scene.  If you are looking for a DJ, KJ, Master Of Ceremony, Singer or Event Host you are in the right place. All three of these Djs are excellent singers with a true love for music. Book one of them now for your party, wedding, weekly karaoke night or special event.
Both ladies have full-time day jobs with their karaoke gigs filling the need to sing and be around the crazy fun that is karaoke.
Gregory is our newest team member having been invited to the group after fixing Ellie's laptop AND desktop in under an hour. The icing on the cake is he can sing and is an excellent duet partner. He is  a welcome and much needed edition to the group.
Interested in learning more?
Committed to helping our singers achieve their dream of successfully singing karaoke and having fun.
Miss Ellie
The driving force behind KaraokePDX Ellie has been studying karaoke and what makes a great Kj since she first started hosting shows back in October of 2000. Working mainly in Tigard, Beaverton and Hillsboro she is passionate about providing the best sound system she knows how and making sure everyone has a good time. Ellie has a knack for quickly picking up on a singers vocal range and has helped dozens of singers broaden their repertoire.
Proud Member of "Karaoke Scene Mag/Discussion Forums"
OFFICIAL subscriber to Karaoke Cloud Pro Digital Library 
Our sound systems are the best outside of downtown Portland (maybe even better than most there too). Our computer-based sound system includes Shure wireless microphones run from a soundboard out to multiple speakers. Our professional karaoke software from PCDJ and Compuhost is designed to sync with Karaoke Cloud adding new hits all all the time from the best karaoke studios to create an ever growing library of music from the world’s first legal professional karaoke subscription platform. The in-app background music supports music videos for dancing to today's latest sounds.